Fahimeh Bay
Fahimeh Bay is a woman and mother that tries to find a way to express her thoughts and feelings by art along with the everyday life and its responsibilities of her life. She has spent her childhood and youth in a lush garden to painting and observing the beauty of nature and in adolescence and youth she has studied art at school and university and also has chosen that as her career. She gets inspired from the community and people for her works.
In her artistic path, human life and its concerns have been taken into consideration, and she has also studied and created the works in relation with women’s social harm, human living environment and their routine days and the atomospherw that people experience in their social life or in loneliness. She has also studied in her recent works the subject of migration and its dimensions.
She knows art as a common language between herself and the world and believe that art can remove the limitations between she and the world. Any works that she creats can transform her thought into the beauty.